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How Can An Attorney Help Me Handle A Warrant?

The worry and fear attached to the possibility of pending criminal charges can be debilitating. The possibility of fines, jail or a prison sentence creates concern about your future and your family. But without knowing whether an arrest warrant exists in your name, you are prolonging the anxiety about what may be ahead.

Consulting with an experienced criminal defense attorney at this stage can prove incredibly beneficial for someone in your situation. Roth & Weinstein, LLC is a preeminent criminal defense firm based in Omaha and Council Bluffs. Our lawyers represent clients throughout Nebraska and Iowa. We provide skilled legal guidance that can shape the outcome of a case, should you face charges.

Our lawyers can determine whether you have a current warrant for your arrest. Another benefit of contacting an attorney now is getting answers to your questions, such as:

  • Should I talk to law enforcement?
  • How do I prepare myself for a possible arrest?
  • Will it be possible to be released on bond?
  • What are the benefits of turning myself in, and how do I do it?

Now Is The Time To Get Our Legal Advice

Many people wrongly believe they will be able to talk themselves out of a police questioning. In reality, making any kind of statement to a detective could incriminate you. Roth & Weinstein, LLC has the criminal defense experience to give you advice as you face this difficult and stressful situation. Contact our firm now.

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